Adventure Smart Programs

CAGSAR is involved in delivering the following safety programs to school and community groups upon request. These programs are educational in nature and promote safe use of the outdoor environment.

Hug-a-Tree and Survive

This program is aimed at children in grades K-5, however it is generally presented to children aged 5-8. This program teaches children what how to be safe in the woods, and what to do if they should become lost.

Using a short video and/or other demonstrations and games, presenters share their knowledge of valuable outdoor survival skills. There are four simples rules that are core to the presentations:

  • Tell an adult where you are going
  • If you become lost, “hug-a-tree” and stay put
  • Keep warm and dry
  • Help searchers find you by answering their calls

This program can be delivered to small or large groups, and can be presented in 35-50 minutes.

Survive Outside

This program is intended for older children (grades 6-12) and adults. Statistics show that there are approximately 5000 ground search and rescue incident each year involving both the experiences and inexperienced outdoor enthusiasts. This program encourages you to enjoy the outdoors, but to always be informed and prepared before you set out.

Participants are provided with information on how a search team is deployed and functions, as well as safety, preparation and prevention while outdoors. This program focuses on three key steps to enjoying the outdoors:

  • Trip Planning
  • Training
  • Taking the Essentials

The program is quite flexible and can be adapted to the group type and size. The presentation can be done in 45 minutes, or can be extended to up to 3 hours, depending on the detail of the information provided.

Other Community Services

CAGSAR participates and volunteers are resources for numerous community events each year, including the Holyrood Christmas Parade, the Remembrance Day ceremony, the Polar Bear Dip, and Squidfest.

If there is an event you would like assistance with (i.e. first aid, traffic or crowd control, wilderness education) please contact us.