Central Avalon Ground Search and Rescue (CAGSAR) team is one of 27 volunteer teams in the province that make up the Newfoundland and Labrador Search and Rescue Association. Working under the jurisdiction of the Holyrood detachment of the RCMP, the team covers a large search area on the Avalon peninsula.

CAGSAR assists the RCMP in searches for lost persons. In addition, our team can be used to assist the police with evidence searches, and for traffic and crowd control. Our team at present has over 50 volunteer members that are trained in such components as search techniques, lost person behaviour, first aid and CPR, navigation with map, compass and GPS, radio operations, and survival skills. A number of our members have also received specialized training in wilderness and remote first aid, ice emergency rescue response, aircraft spotter, and search management.
In addition to search duties and training, the team is also actively involved in community activities. A key activity is to present Adventure Smart programs to young people, teaching them how to stay safe in the woods if they should become lost. These programs are presented in local schools and with community groups upon request. See our Community page for more information.